Custom Cataract™ is exclusively available with the Zion Eye Institute. With our new technology, we are able to customize our patients’ cataract procedure and optimize their vision.

A cataract is clouding of the natural lens inside the eye that occurs mainly with aging. Common symptoms of cataracts are blurred vision, glare and halos around lights, and difficulty seeing to drive or read. Conventional cataract surgery involves removing the cloudy natural lens and replacing it with a clear artificial lens implant, thus improving the patient’s vision. The Custom Cataract™ procedure goes beyond standard cataract surgery with the most advanced and accurate technology available. This technology allows us to accurately and precisely customize your implant lenses. Compared to standard cataract surgery, customizing your implant lenses with our Custom Cataract™ procedure results in High-Definition vision after surgery.

Eyes are like fingerprints—no two eyes are alike—not even your own two eyes. All eyes have unique internal optical qualities, and our new technology can accurately measure these unique qualities, allowing our surgeons to custom tailor your cataract surgery specifically to your individual eyes in order to achieve the best vision possible through better, more accurate internal optics.

Optimal vision after cataract surgery depends on accurate measurements, meticulous surgical technique, and careful choice of implant lenses. The Custom Cataract™ procedure incorporates all three of these steps with unmatched precision. Patients are no longer limited to simply replacing their cloudy lens with a conventional implant lens. Using the Custom Cataract™ technology, our surgeons can now custom match implant lenses based on the unique optical qualities of your individual eyes, resulting in High-Definition vision after cataract surgery. The Custom Cataract™ procedure can also help better correct astigmatism and/or presbyopia. Astigmatism is where light is not focused the same in all meridians of the eye, and it blurs both distance and near vision. Presbyopia is the loss of near vision as we get older.

This new, advanced technology is only available at the Zion Eye Institute. As the leading experts in cataract surgery, we continually strive to utilize all of the latest proven technologies available, and we’re excited to offer the Custom Cataract™ procedure to our patients in order to give them their best vision possible.”

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