Traditionally, patients who had cataract surgery would be given a prescription for eye drops that they would have to take after the surgery. They would get 2 or 3 different eye drops and have to take them for 3-4 weeks for each eye. Our new technique allows us to deliver the medications directly to the eye at the time of cataract surgery so the patient does not need to take any eye drops after the surgery.

After evaluating preliminary research and studies regarding intraocular antibiotics for cataract surgery, we felt this new technique would be beneficial for our patients so we developed our own protocol for Dropless Cataract Surgery. So far it has been a great success.

We started our dropless technique at the end of 2015 and have done over 1500 cataract surgeries with this new technique (as of August 2016). We have not seen any significant side effects or complications to date.

We strongly believe this new technique has the potential to become the standard of care and we are actively promoting it to our colleagues. We hope that through our example, our colleagues will see the benefits of our Dropless Cataract Surgery and adopt our technique for their patients.

Benefits of Dropless Cataract Surgery:

  • We no longer need to worry about compliance of the patients taking eye drops at home. Some patients have difficulty taking eye drops and it can be very inconvenient for patients.
  • Depending on their prescription coverage, patients may have to pay upwards of $300 for their eye drops. Our dropless technique saves the patients money and time and lowers the cost of health care while maintaining maximum safety and achieving the very best results.
  • There is no additional charge or out-of-pocket expense for our Dropless Cataract Surgery.