The cornea is the clear dome that covers the front part of the eye. It is responsible for the majority of focusing power of the eye. There are many factors that can affect the clarity of the cornea and thus lead to changes in vision. Common conditions that affect the cornea are dry eyes, infections/ulcers, allergies, traumatic injuries, and corneal dystrophies to name a few. Any changes to the cornea can cause serious damage and even permanent vision loss if not treated properly and in a timely manner by a cornea specialist. Treatments can range from eye drops to laser therapy to full corneal transplants.

At the Zion Eye Institute, our team of expert doctors and surgeons can diagnose and treat all forms of corneal diseases. Also, we have Southern Utah’s only fellowship-trained corneal specialist who is highly experienced and skilled with the most advanced medical and surgical cornea treatments. We are the only office in Southern Utah with the technologies available to perform corneal cross-linking and advanced corneal endothelial transplants/DSAEK.

Corneal Surgery Options