The eyelids are highly complex and specialized structures that are extremely important to the health and protection of the eyes. Any malfunction or deformity of the eyelids can cause serious even permanent damage to the eyes and vision loss. Eyelid surgery can range from traumatic injuries that require major reconstructive surgery, to eyelid lesions/bumps/cancers that require delicate removal techniques, to complex orbital surgery for diseases that occur behind the eyes. Many eyelid problem develop simply with aging, such as ptosis (droopy upper eyelids), ectropion/entropion (saggy lower eyelids), or tear-duct blockages.

At the Zion Eye Institute, our team of expert doctors and surgeons can diagnose and treat all forms of eyelid conditions, from the most basic cosmetic treatment such as botox injections, to even the most complex cases.

Reconstructive and Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery Options